Unity Sourcing & Roasting is a fresh approach to all matters coffee. 

Our approach to sourcing is to maximize the benefits for producers at origin - this could come in forms of feedback, better logistics, more money, work we can put into farms, and donations for the local communities. Obtaining that rare variety, high-scoring top lot, or experimental process is just half the battle. The rest of it is making it worth it for the hard working growers & producers.

Our approach to roasting is to maximize the expression of the green. We never get settled in a particular way of roasting and are always tinkering to bring out more subtlety, more nuance, and more originality. We focus on getting that juicy, wild, eye opening flavor and are in constant combat with dry, harsh, bitter finish, and sour flavors. While the key is always buying better quality green, we remain firm that each roast is a new opportunity to improve upon the last.

Our approach to sustainability addresses real concerns of environmental impact. From our energy efficient Loring roaster, to compostable retail bags, to reusable buckets for deliverable shops, we aim to reduce, reuse, recycle, and improve all possible energy outlets.

We love to work closely with our café partners to ensure the coffee tastes great and that baristas are excited to work with our offerings. We do seed-to-cup lessons, as well as hands on espresso and pour over training, 

That's why we are creating an active blog for all things coffee. Education never stops, and it should never be dull. Look forward to colorful content that can expand your mind, warm your heart, and giggle your gut with feelings toward the fascinating world of coffee.



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