My Coffee Origin Story: Sean

I never liked coffee very much. Through college I was a tea drinker. Coffee to me, at the time, was a means to an end. A way to get caffeinated and it just kind of tasted like burnt stuff.

Though I was living in San Francisco, arguably one of the best places for specialty coffee, it never really seemed to interest me. Probably because of my preconceived notions about it.

Fast forward to a few years later, I met my partner. It was late 2013. She told me if we were going to be together I had to start learning to drink coffee. So I did.

It was at that time I started to taste coffee in a way that I hadn’t before. There was something more to specialty coffee, more dynamic, more flavor. I was more open to coffee now, but far from in love with it.

When we later moved to New York, we started to dive deeper into coffee.

Both my partner and I had lost our office jobs which brought us to New York in the first place and then found our selves working at a cafe.

What is there that I met Adam & Tyler my current business partner.

Adam was the roster and green buyer for this company and taught me about something we now call “100 Hands” I learned about the coffee supply chain and how it affects the communities that we touch. I was learning how coffee is so much more than a delicious flavorful drink but a tool that can turn the tides of the economy for the small countries that we buy from. It was there that my deep love for coffee grew.

Shortly after this experience my partner and I decided that we wanted to travel. Africa being the main destination. Our time was mostly spent in Uganda where I had the privileged of working with a coffee farmer and his community. It was there I could see first hand the genuine impact coffee had.

Do to unfortunate circumstances our trip got cut short, but knew when I returned to New York that I needed coffee to be a part of my life and needed to be in some way part of what I was doing with it.

I became a roaster for the same company that I worked for before I left on my trip. I learned more and my love and appreciation grew.

In late 2016 the owner of the company felt it was time for him self to step away from the business, but gave us the opportunity to take over. A few months later Unity Sourcing & Roasting was born.

Since then it's only been a deeper exploration and a deeper love for coffee. I’ve loved meeting our producers, working with our clients, but most of all sharing the good word about coffee.

Sean English